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Scott County Domestic Violence Program

If you or someone you know is being abused, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-572-2278, the Scott County Sheriff’s Office at 276-386-7679 x2  Together we can end domestic violence and sexual assault. 

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Hope House of Scott County is helping victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence with outreach and shelter services.  We also provide advocacy and referral at no charge. Other services include educations for adult and youth as well as public speaking.  For more information, please call 276-386-1373 to speak to an advocate. You may also email: 

Visit us at or message us on our Facebook site

Hope House of Scott County Virginia


Family Crisis Support Services

At Family Crisis Support Services, we take care to provide our clients with whatever assistance we are able. We provide a variety of services including:

Homelessness/Rapid Re-housing/Prevention

A homeless shelter is available and has both a men's and women's unit.   There are programs available that also help to PREVENT one from being evicted and losing their housing.  Please call for information to determine eligibility.  Please note, these programs are different from regular financial assistance in paying bills.  For SNAP benefits and other information, use the link:

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs

A domestic violence shelter is available.  A 24/7 hotline number is available as well - 1-800-572-2278.


Advocates are available for general support, and to be a liaison during court hearings, medical needs, and going to either magistrate or police.  Limited transportation is available for clients to assist in getting to court.   Advocates are also available to help with additional resources that may be needed during this time.

Education and Awareness

Family Crisis Support Services offers training's and education to the community in regard to learning more about the agency; learning more about domestic violence and sexual assault; teen dating violence; cyber stalking/bullying; work related harassment; etc.  Our community educator has presented for the school system, for larger businesses, and for several community organizations.

If you or someone you know is a victim of Domestic Violence then immediately contact the Scott County Sheriff's Domestic Violence Officer.

Scott County Sheriff's Office

Scott County Domestic Violence Program

276-386-7679 x2

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